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Friday, June 23, 2006

Walk This Way

Two weeks ago my company hosted a "mentor walk" - pairs of mentors and mentees gathered just before lunch time on a Friday and walked a mile loop around the campus. I've been working here for over two years now and this is the first company sponsored event to support mentoring that I've heard of since I came on board.

The opportunity to get more informal time with my mentor was incredibly valuable. We were able to discuss things that we wouldn't normally talk about during a one-on-one session in his office. After the walk we all had lunch together. There was a lot of "meet and greet" going on. Everyone introduced their friends to their mentors or mentees so it quickly became a casual networking event.

If your company doesn't do anything like this, I would encourage you to talk to someone from HR about the possibility of setting it up. The only cost to the company is water for the walk and box lunches. The result is an energized team with renewed confidence that the company is taking an active role in employee development.


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