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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Building Blocks of Career Success

Jim Citrin wrote a fabulous article I found on Yahoo. Absorb it people. Seriously, it's good stuff - I particularly enjoyed the discussion on the career conundrum. If you've ever said to yourself "I can't get that job I want because it requires experience I don't have and I can't get that experience without getting that job first" then read this. He also touches on the idea of skill breadth and depth which we're discussed in part on the Of Proteges and Pitfalls post.

Here's your teaser...
Despite advice from career experts to set specific long-term career goals with interim milestones to measure your success, this is not how extraordinary careers really unfold.


  • Hops, thanks for sharing this article. When interviewing for the position I currently hold, my future boss made it a point to let me know I would have multiple responsibilities in a cross-section of marketing disciplines. I’m grateful that idea felt right somewhere in my subconscious because I had no basis for recognizing its value at the time.

    I’ve been working for that same manager for two years now. Fortunately, the nature of our business (fast-paced technology), combined with the size of our agency (65 employees), my department’s size (2, not counting my boss) and the fact I work in marketing (aka the nebulous field) keep things fresh. But what happens in larger firms? In different disciplines? If you work for a large company right out of college, are you doomed?

    With that said, how do you manage your early career to stay on the forefront of gaining new experiences across the board? Is specialization inevitable? Even if you’re not trying to find your niche, I guarantee there is some efficiency-minded manager within your organization that is saying to themselves, “So-and-so is really good in that one particular area. Why don’t they focus on that?”

    In summary, my question is, “How do we proactively keep our careers on track to foster new experiences and a dynamic set of responsibilities?”

    By Anonymous big league, at Thursday, May 25, 2006  

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